Past Fiat Freakouts

The FIAT FreakOut National Convention has been held annually since it’s start in 1983.We now have a Facebook page for people to share past pictures and stories. Fiat FreakOut: Historical

Here is a sample of where it has been:

2020 Knoxville, TN

2019 Greensboro, NC

2018 Orlando, FL 35th

2017 Milwaukee WI

2016 Detroit, MI

2015 Pittsburgh, PA at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

2014 Chicago, IL

2013 Long Island, NY

2012 Wintergreen Resort, Charlottesville, VA

2011 Nashville, TN

2010 Asheville, NC

2009 Valley Forge, PA

2008 25th Anniversary of “FIAT FreakOut at Pocono Manor, PA*

2007 Detroit, MI

2006 Orchard Lake, MI

2005 Osage Beach, MO

2004 Ashevile, NC

2003 Ashevile, NC

2002 Dunkirk, NY

2001 Niagara Falls, NY

2000 Canaan Valley, WV

1999 Fontana, NC

1998 Fontana, NC

1997 Poughkkeepsie, NY

1996 Poughkeepsie, NY

1995 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1994 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1993 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1992 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1991 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1990 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1989 Summit Point Raceway, WV

1988 Pocono International Raceway, PA

1987 Pocono International Raceway, PA

1986 Pocono International Raceway, PA

1985 Pocono International Raceway, PA

1984 Pocono International Raceway, PA

(First Meet named “FIAT FreakOut”)

1983 Pocono International Raceway, PA

(First Organized Meeting)

*Although the 2008 convention was actually the 26th annual gathering, it was the 25th such event bearing the “FIAT FreakOut” name, hence the designation “25th Anniversary.”