As a reminder to all of us the benefits of dues paid Club membership include:

  • Physical Ricambi (our 36 page color magazine) mailed to you four times per year.
  • Our annual Club calendar mailed to you.
  • Online access to our Ricambi archives, there are over 150 issues available to read online and/or download spanning the 30+ years our Club has existed.
  • Members only content access such as the Fiat and Lancia articles from VeloceToday.
  • Ability to attend any Club sponsored event such as our annual FreakOut (premier event held in different locations throughout the country) or Fiat On The Dragon just to name a few.
  • Access to our Land’s End and Cafe Press logo’d apparel stores.
  • And more…

Compared to other clubs we think we’re a pretty good deal at $45 per year.