Fiat FreakOut

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Have you heard of the FIAT FreakOut? It’s just like club Co founder Bobb Rayner says…”It’s better than Christmas!” FIAT FreakOut is the one weekend per year when all sense and reason go out the window! We love our cars and want to share our enthusiasm and friendship every year. So we get our vehicles ready for auto transport and bring them from far and wide where we can all get together in one place for a few days.  So what do we do at FFO? FIAT FreakOut is a weekend packed with adventure. We get together, talk FIAT, eat, drive FIAT, talk FIAT, hang out, relax, talk FIAT, drive FIAT, meet new friends and old, talk FIAT, have big parking lot parties late into the night, again talking FIAT. FIAT FreakOut is an unforgettable weekend enjoying your car, your company of friends and family. The weekend usually starts on Thursday (FFO rule) with a special event, then Friday the action really gets going with an activity, a short drive, pool party, dinner and a drive in movie. Then on Saturday it’s the big concours car show then a short afternoon drive. After a short break, it’s the big Saturday night banquet party! Sunday morning is a raffle prize breakfast then another closeout event activity before we drive home to reality once again. There is a spirit of friendship and fun no matter where we go or what we do there. It’s always a great adventure, the kind you will one day fondly recall when you’re old and gray.


FIAT FreakOut started in the Pocono Mauntains in 1983, and has moved all over the eastern United States. After the Poconos we moved to Hagarstown, MD, then to Poughkeepsie, NY, then to Fontana, NC, Grand Island, NY, Dunkirk, NY, Canaan Valley, WV, Asheville, NC, Osage Beach, MO, on to Detroit and finally back to the Poconos for the 25th Anniversary FreakOut in 2008. We met in Valley Forge, PA in 2009 and once again in Asheville, NC for the 2010 show. FIAT FreakOut is hosted by a Chapter in the region, and every effort is made to make the cost as reasonable as possible. For a complete list of previous FIAT FreakOuts and locations, click here.

From all over North America, and often from overseas, hundreds of Italian car lovers drive, trailer, and fly in to converge at a chosen destination, usually rich in history and culture, to play!  For more than four days we unite in the spirit of friendship to celebrate the unique automobiles that reside under the umbrella of the FIAT marque including FIAT, Bertone, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and more!

As we join together with cherished old friends as dear as family, and with new faces yet to meet, we share good times over dinner, perhaps watch a drive-in movie, and stay up for our famous late-night parking lot party! At the FIAT FreakOut our schedule can be as event-filled or as relaxed as we wish it to be. We can test our skills at an autocross event, a rally or maybe a poker run. Some of us choose to relax by the pool with a cold drink, or go shop in town. Many of us display our cars in the annual car show, which features over one hundred colorful Italian classics of all sizes and shapes. Local museums, historical tours, featured restaurants and other attractions are available to enjoy. Participate in raffles, silent auctions, and the Saturday night awards banquet, and see who wins a prize this year; maybe it is you!

See our events page for details of the next FIAT FreakOut as it becomes available.
Experience the annual happening that we rave about!

2009 FFO in Phoenixville, PA!

Our big happy family reunion welcomes all who share an appreciation for Italian cars and for making new friendships.

Panoramic Photo from 2009 Fiat FreakOut